Paleo Recipe Book Review – My Opinion


First and foremost I would like to inform you guys that this particular site is created to provide information and a comprehensive review regarding the paleo recipe book.

Expect that I would provide  you an  unbiased , unrestricted  and a complete paleo recipe book review.
Things that I would be discussing right now are the basic information you need to know before grabbing a copy of this book.


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What’s inside the Paleo Recipe Book?

The Paleo Recipe Books written by Sébastien Noël are a comprehensive three part book set which includes :  Paleo Recipe (containing over 390 recipes , yes that’s correct 390! :)  , A detailed Paleo Meal Plan providing 8 weeks of complete dietary process and lastly , herb and spices pdf that provides additional info’s  about nutrional and medical properties of it. These three parts are specifically created in order to understand the main role and purpose of Paleo Recipes.

Among these three parts I spent most of my time browsing and understanding the paleo recipe book  which contains  paleo food recipes distinguished from Red meat , Pork , Fish , Shellfish & Seafood , Vegetables & sides , Snacks , Breakfast & desserts and a lot more. Definitely you’ll have a lot of paleo food choices and a lot of recipes to cook and share : ) . Over 390 recipes were presented , and let me tell you that it was presented with complete details and  not only that , it was very easy to follow.

Sébastien Noël said that this book is written with a global scope in mind to accommodate people with diverse backgrounds and food choices and I admire him for that. I always believed that food are meant to be shared , it should accomodate and help people with different cultures or backgrounds , and if it means spreading this recipes to help accomodate those who needed it then please , don’t hesitate. Let’s help spread this recipes.

Does It Really Help?

Yes , I know that there are lots of cookbooks out there , recipes that you can try and experiment , but the main difference between those recipes from this
paleo recipe book is that not only it provides best paleo recipes but it is also designed to help those who are in need of a great change with a dietary plan.

The  advantage of this paleo diet foods are in introducing variety of ways in cooking and  as well as minimizing the amount of time spent in the kitchen all at the same time. In this spirit, following this meal plan means that you will be eating different foods and preparations through the course of the whole 8 weeks, but also cooking the least often. So your having a diet without that much of a hassle actually.
Try it now , always remember that there’s no losing in trying .


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What are the “CONS” of Paleo Recipe Book by Sébastien Noël ?

All books have good and bad things on it so I’ll be sharing first what are the flaws:

- The recipes themselves are great but the meal plan that was created  allow you to use leftovers from arecipe to prepare the next. What If there are no leftovers or leftovers couldn’t be used anymore? At least an alternative recipe for those leftover meals should
be provided.

- It would have been great if Sébastien provided some kind of support where he would check up on us to make sure that we are actually taking action and consuming paleo foods.

What are the “PROS” of Paleo Recipe Book by Sébastien Noël ?

- You’ll get all the information you need in a very handy and organized way so you don’t ever feel lost or tempted to fall back on bad food choices.

- The book is built to be a comprehensive one that will guide you through just about any type of food preparation possible. And of top of that it helps you prepare meals quickly or with the least involvement possible.

- None of the recipes on the book will call for any type of grain, legume, added sugar or vegetable oil, which are the main problem causing foods in today’s society.

- And most of all it provides perfect health,nutritional recipes. Sébastien Noël really did a wonderful job in creating this.

Overall Review


A great book with mouthwatering recipes that you would enjoy.  The good thing about this book is that it provides simple yet great paleo recipe.It invites you to print out your favorite recipes, take notes, tweak the recipes to your own tastes, substitute similar ingredients or just generally experiment, use your creativity and have fun around the act of cooking food. It’s all about  having fun eating and having a good and healthy lifestyle.


Hopefully this paleo recipe book review serves it’s purpose.



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Paleo Diet Foods

There’s one thing I need to show you guys before I provide the full review of the Paleo Recipe Book. I can’t help it, this paleo diet foods or meal plan is amazing. I’ve come across this Paleo Meal Plan which is included on the book actually wherein they suggest Paleo Diet Weight Loss that would improve your diet. Not only that , the good thing here is that this paleo diet requires much less thought from your part than usual.

While I’m doing this cookbook review , I’ve been noticing a lot of best paleo recipes and One of my favorite paleo diet recipe here is the Cinnamon and Apple Omelet. Actually I’ve tried this recipe a number of times already after reading the Paleo Recipe Book , here let me show you how it’s done , its quite easy actually.

See? Its easy right? Exact step by step instructions were already given to replicate this amazing meal. Try it ! Its kinda crazy meal actually , apple and cinnamon omelet? who would have tought that this would be a great breakfast meal.

Actually that’s only one of many paleo diet foods provided on the book. They have this meal plan which covers whole eight weeks. Yes you heard me right, thats just eight weeks. The task of creating a “one size fits all” meal plan has proven to be a very hard one actually because there are so many different ways to eat Paleo. But this book has been able to create something balanced that will be suitable for most people.

The big advantage of this paleo diet is minimizing the amount of time spent in the kitchen all at the same time. In this spirit, following this meal plan means that you will be eating different foods and preparations through the course of the whole 8 weeks, but also cooking the least often. Bigger portions of almost every recipe should be prepared so you will be eating leftovers the following day or the day after. The following meal plan is built to give you an easy to follow introduction to the diet.

I strongly recommend this because I believed that this is really a healthy nutritional plan. And on top of that the recipes provided gives you a good feel of what most meals should look like. And that’s a good thing when youre on a diet. It’s like you feel that youre not on a diet but you are and its working. Sounds crazy right? Try it and definitely there’s gonna be a big difference.

Just what are Paleo Food Recipes ?

The main objective of this blog actually is to provide a comprehensive and unbiased review of Paleo Recipe Book so newcomers as well as people having specific questions can come to one spot and get a quick answer . However when I started reading the Paleo Recipe book I’ve come across a lot of techniques used in cooking paleo diet foods and I could not stop thinking what exactly are these dishes and what’s the huge difference between these recipes with others?

Before these questions could be answered you need to know one thing first , exactly what is a paleo food?

The Paleo food or diet is a collection of nutritional and lifestyle recommendations that promotes eating the food that was likely consumed by our ancestors of the paleolithic starting about 2.5 million years ago. Basically, the foods that where introduced during agricultural revolution are discouraged. The Paleo diet is backed by science, evidence, hard logic and countless findings. The same kind of recommendations are applied to lifestyle habits like sleep, exercise and stress management.

paleo food

The reason behind the continuation of paleo food recipes is mainly because that our genes and physiology was formed by a long process of natural selection which makes us better suited to eat the food that those genes evolved with. So individuals who practiced this believed that if they continue to follow those diet it would definitely provide ideal general health. According to them significantly altering the kinds of foods commonly eaten resulted in modern diseases of civilization like metabolic syndrome that includes obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and most autoimmune diseases. So why change the recipe? Why stick with preservatives and lot of those monosodium glutamate to flavor up your recipe?

Paleo recipes, unlike most recipe, is sustainable long-time and promotes health, well-being and long life. A lot of the recipes out there are designed
for a specific goal like weight loss, athletic performance or disease management. Unlike those diets, the Paleo recipe promotes positive gene expression and
ideal hormonal balance which leads to ideal general health, well-being, body composition and athletic performance.

All those benefits can be obtained , all you need to do is try. You can see that the paleo recipe is much more than a simple recipe, it’s the food we’re programmed to eat.